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Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8  

Good Keywords v3

Note: Good Keywords v3 has been updated to support CSV files from the new Google Keyword Planner

Fantastic Time Saver!

Good Keywords stores your entire Google keyword research so that the data is always available to you (even when not online). You can copy and paste the generated keywords into any external application. You can also organize the keywords into groups and export it to text files.

Good Keywords - User Guide

What Is Good Keywords?

Good Keywords is a Windows Software for managing your keywords. You can use it to...

  • Import keyword CSV files from Google Keyword Planner Tool into a local database on your hard disk.
  • Query the local database to find the required keywords.
  • Create long tail keywords using an array of options (appending words at start or end of keywords, deleting words, combining words in phrases and so on...)
  • Create keyword phrases from mis-spelled words
  • Find and Manage negative keywords
  • Examine the relative popularity of different sites using the Site/Link Popularity Tool
  • Organize and Manage Your Keyword Lists using Keyword Manager

Powerful Long-Tail Keyword Generator

The Keyword Manager in Good Keywords includes a large set of tools to create long-tail keywords. You can use it for appending words, removing words, adding mis-spelled words, creating Google exact and phrase match phrases and so on.

Long-tail keyword creation options